Forget Tea, in China there's BEER!

Another good read here.

Not a big fan of Chinese lagers myself, but who knows what they'll be coming out with soon -- right now they're basically experiencing the Microbrew stage that the U.S. did in the early to mid 1990s. Kampai!!!


Bomb#20 said...

I wish they would have told a couple of inside stories of just how tough it is to build a new market in a different culture. Overall, it's really not surprising that craft beer is making it in China. With a billion people, even a small slice of the market can translate into a lot of yuan.

DVC said...

It's a little strange to see some of those brands in China (owing to the fact that they're not available in e.g. flyover country, U.S.A. ; ) but as I recall, Rogue and North Coast spearheaded an effort to bring American craft beer to China back in 2004 -- I wonder how many brands they get?