Fumiko's Confession

"Fumiko's Confession" is this year's YouTube Video Awards Japan's winner in the anime catagory. Mostly the work of Hiroyasu Ishida, a 21-year-old student aspiring to be an animator, with the help of a couple friends. You can read the rest at ANN.

ANN also has links to some of the nominees for the awards here.

Japan Probe has something of a translation here. You should check them out, but if you're too lazy:

"In the short, Fumiko asks a boy to date her, but he refuses, wanting to concentrate on his baseball skills. At the end, she offers to make him miso soup every day (a marriage proposal in Japan), but the result is… "

I should have put "Fumiko's Confession" in my Stuff Good for 2009. I like.

Via Anime News Network and Japan Probe


DVC said...

Interesting. Naturally, I watched this one with the most squeamish girl in the world looking over my shoulder ("what's up with all the panty shots? Why are they obsessed with underwear?") but I'd say it's great work for a group of amateurs at home using out-of-the box software.

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Bomb#20 said...

Possibly related:

Back at you:
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Anonymous said...

ROFL @ "How to Draw Asian Women"

Shit looked like Chaka from Land of the Lost.

Bomb#20 said...

Shit looked like Chaka from Land of the Lost.

"Cartoonist and artist extraordinaire."