Cobra The Animation (2010 Version)

I have to admit I don't really know anything about Cobra. Haven't seen any of the old shows, but I was interested when I heard they were doing a tv series for winter of 2010. I was somewhat surprised when Crunchyroll picked this up simply because I didn't think new fans would like an "old show".

The first episode basically lays everything out. A planet, Galon, has broken it's orbit and is now heading straight towards the sun. In a week they will collide and annihilate the solar system. However, a key, literally, can change that. Secret, a Galaxy Patrol office who looks like Cobra's old flame, Dominique, is taking the key to a professor that apparently knows how to stop all this. Throw in the Pirate Guild who is chasing after Secret, and the key, when Cobra bumps into her and you have a show that at least isn't moe. I'm in.

As I write this, the first three episodes are available for viewing on CR, so head on over and check it out. Until then here's the opening.


DVC said...

Cobra is old-school Space Opera fun,
and the new stuff looks like more of the same.

@ B#20 -- you never saw those old Cobra tapes? The English-dubbed ones that Lenard Robinson sent? I'm pretty sure they're still in that treasure trunk from Minicon 23 : P

Bomb#20 said...

@DVC - I don't think I ever watched them all. Maybe an episode or two out of order, but not a entire run that made some sense.

RWG said...

I watched the first episode and found it rather slow. But maybe I'm just getting old. We used to have all the episode of the first run back in the day and even showed a few at the meetings. The feature film (directed by the same guy who did that first Golgo-13 film, IIRC) was always a favorite at 80s conventions...

There was running joke a few of us used to use whenever we were watching something in raw Japanese and we got to the point where a villain just knew he was going to die horribly (this was before Kenshiro, remember) and only had one sentence he could manage. We'd all look at each other and laugh like maniacs.



RWG (yeah, no one else in the room much appreciated it either :-)

DVC said...

Heh, the show does start slow, but follows the manga closely enough that it's a compliment (by contrast, there are some shows seem like more of an homage ; )

I'm still trying to figure out who dubbed Cobra's voice in those first few pilot episodes (iirc fewer than five were dubbed; the Wiki entry claims that Urban Vision released a dubbed DVD set?!?) as the actor seemed so familiar...


Raw like sushi! Some of us still prefer it that way ; )

RWG said...

It was running gag in the TV series. Since Cobra was in disguise, the only way any of his old enemies could recognize him was by the psychogun. And, of course, by that time, it was too late - for them. I think the same basic gag was used at least five times in that tv series.

Thinking about doing a blog feature called "famous last words" from anime.

RWG (but I'll need to round up a few more of 'em first)

Bob said...

it doesnt look like more of the same at all, the new animation techniques are garbage compared to the PERFECTION OF the original animated movie. the 80's show was alot better as well. its not just the animation style its the scenery and angles.