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Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2005 5:53 pm (GMT 9)
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U.S. urges U.N. states to snub 'G-4' resolution

NEW YORK (Kyodo) The United States urged U.N. members Tuesday to oppose the framework resolution submitted by the "Group of Four" to expand the Security Council should it be brought to a vote.

This is a pathetic joke. Most of this money that Japan 'donates' to the U.N. is not spent in famine relief efforts and fighting AIDS in Africa, even though that is what the P.R. people in Tokyo would like you to believe, and what they have printed in the newspapers. Most of what Japan donates is specifically targeted towards "Overseas Development Assistance" or ODA's (Third World Aid) which work in conjunction with the World Bank to finance Mega-development projects in poor (but resource rich) countries like Indonesia. The money goes into the few pockets of the already rich in these countries, Japanese companies get the contracts to do these Mega development schemes (good for Japanese companies like Mitsubishi, therefore good for Japan). Japan then has an inroad and the already pre-greased palms of corrupt officials for later plundering of the natural resources of said 'beneficiary' of this 'so called' development aid. The average folks of these countries are usually no better off for it and sometimes end up worse off since they have to suffer for the environmental impact of these mega projects. Japan doesn't 'give' money to anybody without heavy strings attached, and all these strings lead back to the real beneficiaries in Tokyo. Now it wants a seat on the U.N. Security council 'commensurate with it's financial status? Give me a break. The real reason it wants a seat on the security council is because it wants more say in how these funds are spent, which will ultimately mostly benefit Japan, and a few third world politicians Swiss bank accounts. Don't believe everything you read in the papers. The jig is up.

http://www.globalissues.org/TradeRelated/Debt/USAid.asp#AidMoneyOftenTiedtoVarious Restrictive Conditions

Aid Money Often Tied to Various Restrictive Conditions

As a condition for aid money, many donors apply conditions that tie the recipient to purchase products only from that donor. In a way this might seem fair and “balanced”, because the donor gets something out of the relationship as well, but on the other hand, for the poorer country, it can mean precious resources are used buying more expensive options, which could otherwise have been used in other situations. Furthermore, the recipient then has less control and decision-making on how aid money is spent.

This link may provide some useful stats if interested.

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