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Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2005 9:05 am (GMT 9)
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Revenge of the Chef

YEAR after year, as Yoshiro Haga’s wealth and fame increased, his old friend and mentor, Toshio Kawashima, could only look on in jealous fury.

Mr Haga’s business grew and expanded while his friend sweated unrecognised in his single shop. His face appeared on television and in magazines, while the older man laboured in obscurity. Yet the secret formula on which Mr Haga’s success was based had been given to him by Mr Kawashima. Finally the sense of resentment became too much.

On Tuesday, Tokyo police arrested Mr Kawashima for the kidnap and assault of the man acknowledged as the creator of some of Japan’s finest ramen, or noodle soup. Mr Kawashima is said to have told police: “I taught him everything he knows about making a good soup and running a business, but he never greeted or thanked me. So I thought I’d make him taste a bit of pain.”

By his account, he had teamed up with Mr Haga 15 years ago and shared with him his recipe for stock on the understanding that the two would go into business together. Then Mr Kawashima fell ill, and Mr Haga set up on his own. The shop, Aoba, quickly became a success. Most authoritative ramen critics rate it in their all-time top five, and the single Tokyo outlet eventually grew into a chain of 12.

Mr Kawashima, 57, set up his own shop, Akibaya, which achieved no such acclaim. “I taught him my recipe and management know-how, but he’s been acting as if everything was his idea in magazine interviews and so on,” he said after his arrest. “I haven’t received a word of thanks or apology.”

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