An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla

An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla: "Honda reveals the Otaku Super Archetypal Meta-Narrative in Three E-Z pieces. Sounds academic and boring, but it’s not. Everyone is laughing, cracking jokes, and having a drink.

He begins with a 20 min reel of highlights from Taxi Driver.

Travis, God’s Lonely Man, is a textbook otaku. He’s terrible with women. After all, he takes Cybill Shepherd to a porno movie (but who among us hasn’t felt that urge from time to time?). She recoils in disgust, but her rejection only serves to turn Travis into a gun nut, collecting all the weapons he can like Virtual On gashapon toys. He becomes a masturbatory adolescent, devoting the solitary hours to regimes of push-ups, and tests of his own strength.

The next stop is a no-brainer: the infatuation with Jodie Foster is Loli-Con, pure and simple.

From here, Travis plays his own personal simulation game. The “you talkin’ to me” patter with the mirror is every bit as menacing as a post-Columbine game of Doom.

By the time Travis storms the fleabag hotel where the forces of evil are keeping innocent little Iris hostage, he has become kaizo ningen: a cyborg who can transform his hands into guns with a flip of wrist."