Porky's: Gone to Fast Food Heaven

This won't mean much to folks who've never visited the "Twin Towns", but it's a bit of a bummer to me. It served as the focal point of a thriving 'car culture' for generations, and with Drive-In theaters long-gone, I wonder what's left for this culture and its people? Volts, LEAFs, Priuses and Light Rail have far less appeal, but perhaps there's a bright side that I'm somehow missing for all these trees.

I'll definitely miss all the colorful neon (the sign was fixed in recent years), and even the gaggle of on-lookers and slow-driving "Classic Cars!" Yet another sign of the passing of an era which by all accounts was greater than the ones I've somehow managed to live through.

Read more here; I'm gonna spin Neon Lights and kick my nostalgia...