DISH > Blockbuster

Dish Network is acquiring the assets of Blockbuster Video. Interesting. Only one active Blockbuster near me, the rest are gone or busy selling -- likewise, the big book stores are going bye-bye.

Interesting times.


Tohoscope said...

People want cheap entertainment. So, why are the studios spending hundreds of millions of dollars per movie? Makes no sense at all.

DVC said...

The contemporary studio system is broken near as I can tell. When the studios have to factor in foreign ticket and DVD sales in order for a movie to break even, they have to know there's something seriously wrong -- at least you'd think so, right?

Ah well. All of those empty Blockbusters will join the empty Hollywood Video locations and be razed eventually, all to make way for new high-rise condos with ground floor retail.

Tohoscope said...

One thing the internet is really good at is delivering cheap entertainment.

I'm not even talking about pirating, here.

I can watch anime on youtube, crunchyroll, netflix, and hundreds more. No need for a brick and mortar store when you can watch the latest stuff with a couple of clicks.