Anonymous said...

I've had to stop watching. This stuff is making me feel sick.

-danno, turning off the computer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Danno -- I closed the window with the NHK feed after Friday; The cumulative effect of the photos and video is heart-rending (I've resorted to bad Eighties pop songs in order to help lift the gloom : /)

But the worst result of the coverage is that some idiots have been politicizing it (I've avoided Facebook...)

We can offer prayers without being plugged-in, but I just wish that those who would not do so and who have amply displayed their insensitivity could realize just how heartless they seem.


Bruce Lewis said...

I'm going through a serious "down" myself -- dark, ugly depressive behavior -- and I suspect the quake/wave is the trigger. I guess I still have bad memories of the earthquake we survived buried down deep somewhere.

And even though I've never been there, my life has been and is intertwined with Japan in so many ways... it's horrible watching them suffer and not being able to help.

When I see the post-apocalyptic wastelands that remain, I halfway expect Patlabor or some other group of plucky young people and their giant robots to show up and start putting things right. But of course in real life there are no giant robots, only small people doing giant things.

I quit Failbook a year ago and haven't missed it for one minute.