How fucked up is that Akira live action remake? It's set in "rebuilt New Manhattan." Not even Neo-Manhattan. Also a cast of twentysomething white guys? Really? How does that make you feel?


Hat tip to Darius Washington


Bruce Lewis said...

Hey, if they can have one of the gods of Asgard be a black guy (Heimdall, in the upcoming Thor movie), then a white guy can star in Akira.

Tohoscope said...

Eh. I never liked AKIRA that much to begin with. At this point I'm hoping Hollywood fucks it up beyond all recognition. At least that way we can laugh at the pathetic attempt. Add all the old white guys you want.

Anonymous said...

This idea is hilariously-bad.

Danno, you just *know* that Hollywood is gonna grant your wish!


P.S. I wonder if they can cut-in a few scenes from the last White Guy HNK rendition, y'know, in homage ; )