Spam of the Month! Noiseless in the Oblivion

Our comment policy here at Psychommu Gaijin has always been to encourage comments. And as we've used and abused pen names to print anything and everything without fear we extend that freedom to anybody who sent us angry screeds and hate mail. If you wanted to remain anonymous you could. We've let anybody comment anonymously to the PG blog, something you can't do on Facebook. Instead of encouraging debate, we mostly get spam. So, every couple of days I clean out the spam filters, and today I found this gem:

"Oh my god!!! This is so exceedingly incredibly amazing. Couldn't thought that something as riveting as this was noiseless in the oblivion. Your in smithereens of ascend is good astounding. buy v__gr_ pills Congo dude!!!" - Posted by Anonymous.

"Good astounding," indeed.


DVC said...

That was pure, Sheen-like poetry until the mention of Viagra :P

Tohoscope said...

These are like lyrics to some unfinished REM song from the mid eighties.

DVC said...


The way Michael Stipe sang those words, it's totally possible!

Bruce Lewis said...