2011 Movie Previews... yawn

Not that I'm looking forward to anything, but...

Real Steel. Hollywood rips off ideas from Anime yet again! Sunrise and the author of Prawres Sanshiro should sue~!

Thoughts on some other upcoming flickers:


Sensitive types like my S.O. might find it a little racy for PG-13, but it otherwise looks like a somewhat endearing film with hip, Indie cache.

Certified Copy
A foreign film (but in the English language) with chick flick written all-over it. This year's "Bread and Tulips".


Released last year, good luck finding this in your local Stadium-style theater. Looks smarter-than-average for a low-budget SF/monster invasion flick, of which there have been a lot of bigger-budget stinkers lately (Skyline, Battle: L.A., and the upcoming "Super 8" from the overly-praised crew of Bad Robot studio.)

A.k.a. "Disney's Prom". This one looks funny and rather harmless, but we know what Disney's like these days, so it'll probably suck big-time.


Anonymous said...

Rock'em Sock'em Robots: The Motion Picture.


DVC said...

My memory is a bit fuzzy, but didn't RESER already get made into a movie or T.V. show?

Seeing as how I missed "Robot Jox" in the theater back in the day, I will almost definitely be seeing Real Steel at the $1 Theater ; )