'Voltron' Movie Back to Square One

Word from ICv2 is that the Voltron movie is tossing the scripts out and the director has left the building. Back to square one. From ANN, a previous lawsuit found that former Toei character designer Kazuo Nakamura "may posess rights" to GoLion. There's already been a couple of lawsuits, can you see more on the horizon? I'm not eagerly waiting for this movie now, I want it to die. If made with these players, it will be bad. Not good bad either. Let it rest in pieces for a few years and see if anyone else will be able to put it together.

But if you really need a dose of "new" Voltron, don't worry. The new animated series that ". . . will feature an expanded interracial team that will do battle with the classic villains returning from the original Voltron series" is still scheduled for Nicktoons. Feh.

All I can say is thank you Media Blasters for GoLion and Dairugger.

via ANN and ICv2.
(Bomb #20 on a Voltron downer today.)


DVC said...

"an expanded interracial team"

Ted Turner's "Captain Planet" already did this one-better in the 1990s, IIRC.

Tohoscope said...

Just wait for that Robotech movie to run up against the Macross rights holders...

Bruce Lewis said...