Carl Macek (1951-2010)

For those of you who haven't heard, Carl Macek died yesterday.


Tohoscope said...

Mistah Macek, he dead.

DVC said...

Holy crap. I'm just a little bit stunned by this -- there's been a lot of passings over the past few months (and last year).

RIP, and I will definitely be pouring one for him.

Tohoscope said...

Yeah, it seems too soon for him to be gone. Fred Ladd and Peter Fernandez are still with us and it seems wrong that Carl has passed on.

Bomb#20 said...


Had a beer for him last night when I heard about it. For as much bad mouthing he sometimes receives, he did help get anime where it is today in America. Robotech pulled a lot of people into fandom.

@DVC - Just goes to show how old everyone is getting. We're not 20 anymore.