Chris Rock + Kurosawa = ???

During his movie junket for Death at a Funeral, he let slip his next project was writing a remake of Akira Kurosawa's High and Low for director Mike Nichols. Is this a joke? I'll let you follow the trail:

Black Voices


I like Rock's comedy and the work he's done, but this definitely has a "WTF" factor to it. I'm hoping for the best if it's true.


Tohoscope said...

Who knows? Seven Samurai has been adapted successfully many times. And that Bollywood version of High and Low was still an entertaining movie, even if it lost a bit of focus. If they're looking at doing remakes why not aim high?

Somebody buy Rock a copy of Ikuru...

Anonymous said...

Bollocks to remakes!

(my feet hurt...)

@ Toho

Ikuru or Ikiru? ; )