Bad JPNZ Movie Trailers

Great summer flicks from Japan. NSFW (Violence, nudity, lots of Karo syrup, and good, wholesome cheesiness).

Alien vs. Ninja

Mutant Girls Squad

Both these films are from Sushi Typhoon, a subsidary of Nikkatsu, which will specialize in "extreme gore" films with an eye on international theatrical and dvd releases.


DVC said...

WAH! My inner 14 year-old is crying because he knows the S.O. will not allow him to watch this weirdness in the comfy-confines of his adult home.

Bomb#20 said...

You can always ditch the S.O. and get a DS with a copy of LovePlus. Or you can download the new LovePlus app for the iPhone. When that S.O. gets too annoying you can shut it off.

Just saying. :p