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ADV Films to Unveil Secret Anime Project at Otakon
Active Anime (press release) - USA
HOUSTON, August 17, 2005 -- At Otakon, the fall's biggest anime convention, ADV Films will unveil an until-now secret anime project. ...

Disgaea Anime Emerges Beneath Moon, Official Website Opens - USA
While it has been a widely-known fact for quite a while now, NIS has officially announced their intentions to create an anime based upon its popular strategy ...

Anime/PSP: Appleseed (UMD - USA
... Appleseed is cyberpunk without the punk. Standard anime, right? Pretty much. Appleseed's hook isn't the basic tale it weaves, but the stellar animation. ...

The Ten Spot 2/2 - Montreal,Quebec,Canada
... Second, I'm not what you would call an expert in the world of anime so there's probably a hundred or so anime women I've left off the list. ...

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