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Press Release for Anime Evolution
Anime News Network - Canada
Burnaby, BC -- Anime Evolution (AE 2005) is primed to be Vancouver's premiere Asian entertainment event where industry and audiences are able to interact ...

DS Bleached by Treasure
IGN - Brisbane,CA,USA
August 8, 2005 - Sega has at long last unveiled details on its DS adaptation of Bleach, one of Japan's hottest anime and comic properties. ...

Grave of the Fireflies (new dub)
Anime News Network - Canada
Years ago, when I was just getting onto the anime scene, it was a running joke that Central Park Media would eventually dub Grave of the Fireflies. ...

An Introduction to Yuri Manga and Anime - USA
... whether sexual or romantic, explicit or implied--yuri (also called "shoujoai") is found in both manga (Japanese comic books) and anime (animated Japanese ...

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