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Animated visitors expected for 'Anime-zing'
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
Anime has become a worldwide phenomenon. The ... franchises. One of the last places anime hasn't hit it big is in the United States. ...

Nostalgia wave sees '60s 'anime' hits going DVD
The Japan Times - Japan
According to industry sources, animation producers, struggling to make brand-new big-hit "anime," frequently reuse materials aired in their childhood. ...

Amy Howard-Wilson at Bakuretsu Con
Anime News Network - Canada
... story. Amy will be attending this year's convention with her husband Dave who will be doing a great "old time" anime panel. Dave ...

Queen Emeraldas
Anime News Network - Canada
Yet another Leiji Matsumoto epic-turned-anime, this one is filled with the typical three-foot-tall munch people, odd mangy animals, and heroic people with ...

'Naruto' Toonami Debut Scheduled
Animation Insider - Dix Hills,NY,USA
Easily one of the most popular Japanese animated television series' in recent years, the anime TV series Naruto is an action and adventure program that has ...

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