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The Anime Encyclopedia
Anime News Network - Canada
While anime in its modern form has only been around for approximately the last 40 years, animation in Japan extends back over twice as long, as this work proves ...

Your "Anime Companion" Returns
Animation Insider - Dix Hills,NY,USA
... essay collections, art books, and much more have been published by this company; and just recently, has announced the release of The Anime Companion 2, a ...

DVD Reviews : Anime´ - From The Rich Melancholy of ‘The Place ...
Eclipse Magazine - USA
Makoto Sinai's ‘The Place Promised in Our Dreams' is a work on the level of Hideo Miyazaki; ‘Shingu Vol. 3: Deadly Limitations ...

Exhibits make a case for anime art's place
Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY,USA
By Diane Heilenman. You may think it's cartoony junk, and, indeed, there is some difference of opinion in the art world on the worth of anime art. ...

Midori Days
Anime News Network - Canada
Cute doll-sized girls in love with full-sized male characters aren't unknown in anime; one only needs look at Hand Maid May or Maze: The Mega-Burst Space ...

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