Karate Robo Zaborgar

To call the remake of Denjin Zaborgar "interesting" is putting it mildly, and "spoof" doesn't even come close. It certainly is faithful to the original in terms of characters. Noboru Iguchi took every mannerism and character attribute (even gestures) and amplified or exaggerated them. It's pretty obvious this guy has a background as a porn director even with his films....lots of boob weaponry. The action scenes with Zaborgar were pretty cool, as was the suit. The actions scenes with Daimon...well, they didn't change much from the original...pretty cheesy. The kept the music from the original.....great 70's toku soundtrack. Definitely worth a watch, even if just for the bizarreness.


Tohoscope said...

That looks like a blast. I gotta get that.

Also, I'm gonna have to show the trailer at Anime Hell.

DVC said...

Judging from the fact that the director used to work in the mature adult film industry, I'm guessing that this trailer doesn't accurately portray the film : )

Might be worth a rental -- can't be as weird as Ponyo!