Kiddie Kink for Korean Kars

One side of ad: Mary Blair-type picture book fun. Other side: sex-dipped schoolgirl fantasy. Now you know why the suits in Advertising & Promotion make the big bux.

And people wonder why I got out of the advertising biz...


DVC said...

But, but it WON AN AWARD in France!

I'm glad you posted this, Bruce. My jaw dropped (I should probably wire it shut permanently...) when I saw this.

P.S. What else do we expect from a company with RACIST HAMSTERS!:

"Thanatron Prime Says:
July 13th, 2010 at 3:09 am

You young guys have been fooled by Kia’s Mad Ave bulls$&t. Hamsters are large rodents aka rats, vermin etc. Put those rodents in jewish or muslim garb, and watch the sh?t fly. TOTALLY RACIST, get used to it from these capitalist shitb$gs."