Dirty Cartoon Dilemma part two

In other words, I would argue that reading manga as a white man is rather like driving an expensive sports car as a black man. You are always already a suspect in the eyes of law enforcement authority—not because the car or the comics in themselves are necessarily a problem per se, but because your possession of said items seems to indicate, to our prejudiced little minds, far more serious criminality involving the harm of real people. Do not think for a moment that these cases are only about comics and censorship.

Is Canada profiling White Guys Who Read Manga?

Hat tip to Daryl Surat


Anonymous said...

Might I just say... Holy Crap!

I don't know why (laziness, weak-mindedness, or something else) but to a lot of folks any drawn or animated imagery amounts to 'Japornimation' and/or dirty comix, and that impression is one that's hard to fight -- I've been waging my own personal fight against it for years.

In the long run I don't know if it's worth it, frankly: let folks feel that Japan is the 'perverted little country' that Dale Gribble proclaims it to be, but there are a lot of us who know different.