Yawn, Another 1:1 Scale Giant Robot Display

A Japanese amusement park will be opening a life-size EVA-01 display (head only) soon. The walkways will be made to look like the ones in Episode 1 so you can recreate the "Shinji, Mom; Mom, Shinji" scene. No word on whether there's an overhead gallery where you can have your asshole dad stand, but you will be able to pay to have your picture taken inside a 1:1 Entry Plug. I'd do it. (Courtesy ANN via Japanator)


Bomb#20 said...

This actually sounds kind of cool. Put together a tour with a trip to the Gundam and Tetsujin 28 and I'm in.

Bomb#20 said...

Link above has a movie that shows the progress of the Eva 01 bust that is being built for the amusement park in Tokyo.