Imitation and Flattery*

~1967 Toyota 2000GT~

In the late fall of 1965, Shunichi Kasai was five years old. Like many boys, he had a preternatural affinity for mechanical things and found the world a wide and wondrous place. Tokyo had not yet become the humming Metroplex that exists today, but the future capital of the world's second largest economy was undergoing a modernization boom never before seen. A year prior, Tokyo's unofficial reemergence from the devastation of World War II had culminated in the first television broadcast across the Pacific - coverage of the 1964 Olympic Games. Churning out everything from cameras to cargo ships, the tremendous rate of growth soon thrust Tokyo into the position of world's largest city. A sense of boundless possibility permeated the air and every citizen, from ramen vendor to industrialist, fueled the historic expansion simply by going about their daily lives.

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* I credit my neighbor's 1985 Nissan 280z for this post ; )


Anonymous said...

I *totally* wanna get a bunch of back issues of "Japanese Nostalgic Car" after reading this. Very cool!


Bomb#20 said...

I'll have to try and find this. Wonder if the Super B&N store has it? I've seen some Japanese magazines for old cars, but at $15 each I'll pass.