"Actresses" vs. "Talent"

Here's a solid rant from Andrew Price.

When it comes to Hollywood and the casting of actresses I probably agree with this guy on all counts, but what the heck do I know? Well, I know what I like in a film, and I don't see much of that sort of thing anymore. As if anyone here needed reminding, storytelling should be the top priority in crafting a film, and while digital/S/FX should be given consideration, it should remain a distant second to the story arc and plot. Doubtless some folks in Hollywood think of films these days more as marketing tools (product placement, Happy Meal tie-ins) or as a way to extend the copyright on an earlier property via licensing, franchise and serial film-making and re-makes, but that's not how the industry got to the point where there was a Golden Age.

Nowadays, the way films are made -and the way talent is cast- it's no wonder why both Box Office and Video sell-through receipts are diminishing.

It might not be worth mentioning (for lack of my desire to explain it) but my significant other was well-indoctrinated with a feminist worldview while at college (a woman's college no less) and complains endlessly of the photographic interpolation of the "Phallic Male Gaze", whether it be in Print or Web Advertising, Television, or Film. Given this fact, her dislike of contemporary films should be self evident, and moreover I'd say that she has a point. Entire literary careers have been built via the extrapolation of this uniquely post-modern and Feminist point of view, including enough books to fill entire libraries. And while I do not 100% agree with said argument I understand the general gist and think that there's something to it -- judging by his piece, I reckon Andrew Price would also think so.

And now that I've gotten all schoolmarm-y and wrecked the flow of this highly-read blog, I will end this post with this thought: try to think clean thoughts while enjoying the digital fakery of "Supergirl" : )