"What do I do?"

"I find that whole process alienating, since I have no idea what I am getting, or what to do with it. Do I use the kimchi as a condiment? What did they do to those sprouts? What do I do with this food?"

You've gotta be kidding me, right? At the risk of sullying my reputation as a Gentleman (but throwin' down with my Dobbsian street cred):


Here's the entry at City Pages.


DVC said...

SRSLY! Why is modern life so damned-complicated that you can't just start nibbling-away at something that's been placed on your table?

Oh yeah, cultural considerations, etiquette, keeping-up appearances and whatnot.

When I was a kid and somebody put something in front of me I did not hesitate to dig in.

Now, where's that chicken?!?

Francis said...

Duh. City Pages has always been this way. It drives me crazy. Which is why I never read it.

Anonymous said...

And might I add . . . DAMN!

That picture makes me hungry: kalbi, jobchae, kimchee chigae ...

(This popcorn just ain't cuttin' it)

Bruce Lewis said...

"What did they do to these sprouts"? WTF? They served them to you, didn't they? That means they are food! Do you think they would serve you poison? It doesn't matter what they did to them -- shut the fuck up and eat them!

Some people are entirely too anal about chow. "Is it fried meat? Is it potatoes? No? Then I'm not eatin' it." What are you, a six year old? PROTIP: Restaurants that serve food that's unfit to eat don't stay in business long, folks. Quit cross-examining your meal and enjoy it -- whatever it is.