A New Look for Old Wheels

The car made momentarily-famous in Hayao Miyazaki's "Castle of Cagliostro" has undergone a re-model:

Hard to imagine the Lupin gang tooling around in this, but oh well @_@

Hat-tip: Wall Street Journal


Bruce Lewis said...

I'm in Rome right this minute (outside a bar -- go figure) and the damned things are everywhere. One passed not ten feet away just a few minutes ago and I expect another any time now. A lot of Lancias and Alfas here, too -- marques you don't see often in la Statti Unitti.(A Citroen just went by.) Smart Cars are very popular here as well. Fiat owns Chrysler now, though, so expect to see more Italian rides around town from here on.

Anonymous said...

Too cool, Bruce!

Did you get to see Papa Bene?


Bruce Lewis said...

Papal audience tomorrow a.m.! Details to come.

Rita McCall said...

I grew up watching Lupin III. This gentleman thief is the smartest thief of them all. Haha! I remember them escaping from some high-powered facility using this compact hatchback!