Mari - diary: guy's disillusionary attitude

Mari - diary: guy's disillusionary attitude

This is a result of questionnairing conducted by Ranking Japan, "The ranking of guy's disillusionary attitude for women." I wonder if you will agree or you think some are unique Japanese feelings?

No1. He acts arrogant at the restaurant or shop : 1017
No2. He asks to split the bill, it's 10yen : 985
No3. He panics when he finds a cockroach or other bugs : 871
No4. After eating, he cleans his teeth by toothpick without hesitating : 852
No5. There are too many figures on his office desk : 767
No6. Printed T-shirts can be seen through his shirt : 633
No7. He is poor at parking a car : 620
No8. He looks good in a business suit but his ordinary clothes are so so : 602 No9. He really gets into cell phone games on the train : 528
No10. He wipes his face with the "OSHIBORI" (hand towel) at a restaurant : 463
No11. He is not good at wiring, he is not good with the PC : 453
No12. His wallet is big because of receipts and useless cards : 431
No13. He checks and gives his hair a trim in the subway window : 400
No14. He wear a nice business suit but his socks are white and cotton : 336
No15. He uses pictographic characters on his cell phone mail :304
No16. His hand writing is so bad so that we can't read it at the office : 295
No17. His typing is too fast and too loud : 210
No18. He collects point cards or coupons a lot : 157
No19. He likes to drink sweet cocktails like Kahlua milk: 152

No3 is okay for me if he doesn't cry :-) I agree with No7; I need a guy who has good motor coordination. Parking should be a very instinctive reaction, like animal behavior. No10 is very Japanese ("OSHIBORI" is a wet hand towel offered to customers in places such as restaurants or bars in Japan). I understand No.16 too. I don't care about his writing in private, but when he writes something on paper or a white board at the office, I want him to care about others reading without problems; it's a courtesy. From that stand point, I understand No17 too. He may not mean anything bad, but his loud typing has to be taken as exhibitionism.

There is woman's disillusionary attitude also. But it's not so interesting.
No1. She smokes and let it out through her nose :686
No2. Her scent of her perfume is too strong : 549
No3. She applies make-up in a train : 546
No4. She sleeps on a train with her mouth open : 421 .....
Mm there are no impressive answers there. I won't complain because maybe guys don't care about small things and don't dislike women for unreasonable reasons :-P